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    TOUCH OF SEACRET – Experience the MAGIC

    See how SEAcret has taken the beauty world by storm with the finest the world has to offer.

    With minerals, directly from the Dead Sea, the lowest point on Earth and the world’s most ancient spa knownfor its unique skin benefits. SEAcret brings you a complete regimen of indulgent, effective products.

    It’s like going to the Dead Sea minus the plane trip and camel ride!

    Grab Your FREE Experience Pack And Try These Products TODAY!

    Ocean Mist Salt & Oil Scrub

    Enriched with dead sea minerals, it gently exfoliates dry skin & stimulates cell renewal. It has a refreshing blend of grape seed and borage seed oils to moisturize, producing healthy & rejuvenated glow.

    Ocean Mist Body Butter

    An ultra-rich, intensive blend of herbal extracts gives this velvety, ocean mist scented body butter a soothing, nourishing touch. Spread this rich, quickly absorbed butter over your skin for smooth feeling, soothing hydration.

    M4 Mineral-Rich Magnetic Mud Mask

    Revolutionary mask with bio-magnetic power to rejuvenate and smooth the skin. Draw out your radiant complexion with this mud mask!

    Mineral-Rich Peeling Gel

    Gentle peeling effect in a gel-based exfoliating formula that cleanses deeply. It removes dirt, dead skin cells and other impurities to reveal fresh, luminous skin. Enjoy the gentle exfoliation and deep cleansing action for smooth, soft, bright looking skin.

    Balance your body & rest easy. Discover your SEAcret to a good day, experience the difference a day makes!


    Fast Acting Balance for Your Body

    This rapid release formula quickly delivers molecular hydrogen throughout the body to support energy, metabolism and and an overall sense of well-being. Recovery also helps promote balance throughout the body.


    Clean Organic Fuel


    Energy is a plant-centered blend of organic ingredients known to provide healthy energy as well as antioxidant benefits. Great tasting with no added sugar!


    Balance Your Body and Rest Easy

    Supports your body returning to a state of balance and optimal function by buffering acidity and easing digestion. Assists restful sleep and an overall sense of well-being

    How Do I Start My SEAcret Experience?

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      Request the experience pack via the button below. Remember to fill out your personal information and for the experience membership area!

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      Your experience pack will be sent out from our side and expected to arrive at your doorstep in 5 to 7 days.

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      Log in to your SEAcret membership area and follow the step-by-step instruction on how to use the experience packs, and enjoy the FULL SEAcret experience. Experience the MAGIC yourself!

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    The Story Of SEAcret

    Great skin is a window into our well-being. The Ben Shabat family are dedicated to providing an inside-out nutrition solution that supports you in being healthy and looking and feeling your best. In 2017, Seacret’s search for the ultimate health and nutrition products was achieved and surpassed with the introduction of Dr. Howard Cohn. Dr. Cohn has dedicated his life to his patient’s health. His philosophy and protocols are recognized for providing optimum, plant-based, organic nutrition and include a unique molecular hydrogen product that produces results as impressive as Seacret’s skin care products. “Life by Seacret” was launched in 2018.

    Now Bringing The Dead Sea To You

    Located on the border of Jordan and Israel, at the lowest point on earth (1388 feet below sea level), there is an exquisite and therapeutic wonder. 


    The Dead Sea has a unique composition of natural minerals. It is produced from the dissolving surface salt created in the lake’s gradual water evaporation process. The compound is then refined by the sun, which neutralizes the sodium chloride in the salt and leaves only the mineral-rich compound in the evaporation pool. The final compound results in a total of 26 minerals, 12 of which do not exist in any other body of water, making this one of the richest sources of naturally occurring minerals in the world.

    Seacret knows these waters better than anyone. We have been researching and harnessing the power of the Dead Sea for over a decade. We have developed unique processes to harvest the minerals, mud, and nutrients, and bottle the benefits that deliver remarkable results for your skin and body. Health and beauty from the outside in.

    Radiance. Rejuvenation. Refreshment. Restoration. Relief. Recovery.

    SEAcret uses minerals from the dead sea which have been said to help:

    • Ease the body into a state of relaxation

    • Nourish the skin

    • Activate our blood systems

    • Reduce stress

    • Revitalize the appearance of dry, cracked skin

    • Relieve aching muscles

  • World Class Products

    • We’ve harnessed the power of the Dead Sea to create an unmatched line of products.

    • Our products are approved and distributed in over 40 countries on 6 continents.

    • Our Age-Defying Collection contains our Recover formula, a patented, anti-aging technology that has been shown to reduce the appearance of ne lines and wrinkles while providing long-term results.

    • Sold $1.4 billion in 900 kiosk locations

    Our Product Formulation

    • Perfect blend of science and nature

    • Most advanced technologies in skincare

    • Contains plant extracts, essential oils, and Dead Sea minerals

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